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An air conditioner (often referred to as A/C) is an electronic device used to cool down the temperature inside a room by eliminating heat and moisture. Besides it also improves the air quality, prevents heatstroke, allergy-related illnesses, and enables us to get better sleep. But, there is much more to this process of

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Different types of plumbing pipes for your home

There are a variety of plumbing pipes available in the market for commercial and residential constructions. Each pipe installation depends upon its use and the location where it is installed. The differences in choosing a pipe depend upon the size and suitability. Some people also consider money as a factor of selection. Earlier

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How to prevent AC damages?

A cool and comfortable home during summer is a dream unless it gets disturbed due to ignorance of AC care. It is not very difficult to maintain the quality of AC. Many ways direct to the breakdown of the system but not all of the investments are expensive like replacing a clogged filter.

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Signs that you have a water leak

Water leaks are an annoying experience for homeowners. Some are easy to fix and handle while some are hard to spot or hidden inside walls. Act right away on finding the signs of water leak because these signs expose themselves late.

In this blog, we help you detect some early

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Find out the reasons why is your AC inefficient?

Everyone in Dubai has an AC installed because it's a necessity to have one in this scorching hot weather. But have you noticed a sudden hike up in electricity bills even though you have not used your AC much as last year?

We love to use AC on a hot

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