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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & ELV Systems

Voltronix contracting LLC is the best among MEP contracting companies in Dubai and HVAC companies in UAEmanaged by a team of highly qualified and well experienced professionals. We provide fast-track DEWA contracting, mechanical services in Dubai, air conditioning and heating services, industrial air conditioner repairing servicing as well as offer plumbing and electrical installations in UAE. We also believe in offering outstanding value for money, along with proficiency to every project.

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98% of our customers setisfied with our service

  • AC Installation, Repair & Maintenance
    24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE, CALL US ON 050 2420957 Whether you are looking for an AC repair company in Dubai or
  • Electrical Installation & Maintenance
    Electrical Installation & Maintenance DEWA Approved Electrical Contractors for installation & Maintenance Voltronix Contracting LLC are DEWA-approved electrical contractors offering
  • Plumbing Installation & Maintenance
    Plumbing Installation & Maintenance 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE, CALL US ON 050 2420957 VOLTRONIX CONTRACTING LLC provides plumbing services and plumbing
  • Dewa Approved Contractors
    Dewa Approved Contractors WE ARE THE BEST DEWA APPROVED CONTRACTORS IN DUBAI VOLTRONIX CONTRACTING LLC are the best contracts working closely with
  • HVAC Designing & MEP projects
    HVAC Designing & MEP projects VOLTRONIX MEP DESIGNING & MEP PROJECTS IN UAE Voltronix Contracting LLC is a leading MEP
  • Facility Maintenance & Management
    Facility Maintenance & Management At Voltronix Contracting LLC our approach is based on designing facilities management service that serves you
  • Fire Fighting and Alarm System
    Fire Fighting and Alarm System Voltronix Contracting LLC offers Dubai-based fire safety engineering and prevention systems such as firefighter, fire


At Voltronix Contracting LLC, we use the latest techniques and technologies such as 2D modelling, prefabrication and modularization in our designing techniques to bring clients fault-free, seamless project satisfaction. Being a maintenance company in Dubai, with advanced equipment; MEP contracting and best HVAC system designs – wedeliver the ability to prefabricate and use modular systems that achieve high quality work in a short space of time. Our MEP / HVAC mechanical engineers as well as technicians understand the full life-cycle of a project and render it with utmost care and precision.

Voltronix has been able to undertake multiple electrical, construction, air conditioning, DEWA, HVAC and MEP projects in UAE and have designed & built them successfully. We have catered MEP for residential in Dubai; installations and technical assistance for commercial and industrial sector projects. We work at the convenience of your budget be it technical services; plumbing requirements; power layout; DEWA contractors&approvals; MEP projects; HVAC designing and so much more!

Voltronix contracting LLC in Dubai, UAE owns a credibility for over 10 years offering safe, productive and comfortable services and installation. To ensure that services can easily be accessed by companies in UAE, whether it is Dubai facilities management or regular maintenance required across UAE. We have a full-fledged team that understand your every little prerequisite and offer you the best electrical installations and technician services in UAE.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ requirements at all stages of the fit-out process. We have worked with some of the leading names in construction and showcase long-term associations with our clients. Our resources have successfully completed some of the complex and demanding mechanical installations and electrical engineering projects in UAE

Our specialization varies across MEP, HVAC system design, electrical installation and services as follows:



Electrical Design:

  • Lighting layout
  • Power Layout
  • Voice & Data Layout
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Substation and LV Panel distribution
  • Load Schedules

Plumbing Design:

  • Water Supply Layout
  • Drainage Layout

HVAC Design:

  • AC Layout
  • Exhaust Layout
  • Heat Load Calculation

Fire & Safety Design:

  • Fire Fighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm Layout
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting Layout


  • Air Conditioning System
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Ducting Systems


  • HV & LV Systems
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • BMS & Control Systems
  • Security & Access Control Systems
  • Fire Detection, Alarm & Voice Evacuation


  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Hot & Cold Water Systems
  • Above & Below Ground Drainage
  • Gas Network & Distribution
  • Diesel Generator


For more details on designing, construction, supervision, testing, commissioning, maintenance, HVAC system, MEP services in Dubai, UAE or to view our past project please visit us at (ADDRESS) or speak to our customer service executives on (PHONE). In case you need a technician on call in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE, we can send one to your doorstep right away!

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  • Jabez
    They came and deep cleaned our house and cleaned our air conditioning. Very reasonable pricing and the team was well
  • Kather
    Great service, reliable, timely, friendly, and they clean up after themselves – how the rest of the ac maintenance industry
  • Marco Santos
    Great AC service, showed up on time, were very clean and even took the time to explain to me how
  • Kim
    I would like to thanks VOLTRONIX and their qualified team for provided AC maintenance services to my home. Have used
  • Mohammed
    Thank you for fixing my AC. Very fast and the team were nice to deal with. VOLTRONIX is the best
  • Dario
    Amazingly fast service and affordable rates, i must say they are the best ac maintenance service team in Dubai. They

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Frequently Asked Questions

The air indoors can build up huge levels of dust, odors, moisture, gases, and other air pollutants. To prevent these from contaminating the indoor air quality of your property, good ventilation must be in place. We are one of the best MEP Contracting Companies in Dubai. With our ventilation service, you can pull stagnant, polluted air from your building and improve indoor air quality.
A window air conditioner may not need a technician's attention, but that doesn't make it free from maintenance or servicing. Window conditioners function identical to central air conditioners. The motor, compressor, and coil of these are sealed components, so any repairs to them should be left in the hands of a professional service. We have a devoted team for both maintenance and servicing all types of air conditioners. Contact us for receiving the best technical services in Dubai.
Heating and Air Conditioning equipment should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year to keep it run smoothly and efficiently. As every HVAC system is different, it is necessary to hire a qualified technical service to inspect your unit. We provide the best Mechanical Service in Dubai. But, if your HVAC system is 15 years or older, or can’t properly cool or heat indoors, we suggest you replace it.
If you are experiencing problems like low water pressure, cloudy water, strange pipe noises, settling soil, or foundation cracks, you clearly require professional service. If these issues remain unaddressed, this can cause problems including mold damage, pest infestations, and foundation dilemmas. Contact our professional plumbing service immediately for fixing the problem handily. We are the best MEP contractors in Dubai.
Choosing the right HVAC system for your house can be a confusing task, especially if you don't know much about this area. However, we can recommend the best system for you and help install it instantly. We are one of the most successful MEP contracting companies in Dubai. Our team will come and evaluate your building's size, heating, and cooling requirements and work we have to do.
If your heat pump is your central cooling and heating system rather than a supplemental system, you should schedule maintenance with a professional service at least twice a year. Our team will inspect filters, ducts, and more for dirt and other impediments to help you reduce the risk of unexpected and costly repairs. Hire us for enduring the best mechanical service in Dubai.
We recommend checking your air filter every month to prevent dust and allergens from clogging up the filter and reducing their efficiency. But some higher-end pleated air filters can last up to six months without replacement. For any assistance with your air filter requirements, contact us at any time.
A BMS works to confirm that a building is automatically regulated to deliver the essential level of cooling of heating at various times of the day as needed. It monitors and optimizes the usage and productions of its supervised subsystems to enable more efficient undertaking. The duct temperature, humidity, and pressure, as well as exhaust temperature, are bound to the BMS, and if their importance surpasses defined limits, an alarm is generated.
Fire alarm monitoring ensures that your building has eyes on it 24/7, keeping it safeguarded from fires at all times. If the fire alarms went off in your building, the monitoring company will instantly notify the fire department. So, as it provides great protection and safety for the building and people, the cost of a fire alarm can be considered worth the money.
Getting rid of the fuse panel or switching it for a modern circuit breaker is the smartest thing to do. But, you must confirm that there aren't multiple appliances plugged into a single circuit, as it can overload it. However, if the panel fuse blows, call a competent electrician instantly.