An air conditioner (often referred to as A/C) is an electronic device used to cool down the temperature inside a room by eliminating heat and moisture. Besides it also improves the air quality, prevents heatstroke, allergy-related illnesses, and enables us to get better sleep. But, there is much more to this process of conditioning the air. This is made by the heat transfer process generated from the refrigerant. But Ac Refrigerant Leak affects the overall AC condition and efficiency.

However, to understand the role of refrigerant, let’s dig up more about how an air conditioner works. 

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

While setting up an air conditioner, an evaporator coil will be placed nearby. When the AC begins to operate, the refrigerant evaporates inside this coil. This makes it attract heat from the air passing over that coil. The heated refrigerant then drifts out to the compressor unit. When it is compressed, it diminishes its heat before leading its way back. This process will be repeated until the room is cooled down. 

So, this means that the refrigerant is a crucial component inside an air conditioner which lessens the temperature inside a room while changing its form from liquid to gas. In a normal working condition, the refrigerant circulates and sustains the same amount. A decrease in the amount of refrigerant in the appliance indicates a refrigerant leak.

Now let’s take a closer look at the possible causes for the refrigerant leakage.

What Causes of AC Refrigerant Leak?

A refrigerant’s role in the cooling process is to absorb the heat and release it outside the room. When there is a leak, the AC starts to generate less quantity of cold air than usual as it takes more time to decrease the temperature of the area. This is a common problem that is repeatedly detected in this device. The main reasons for this leakage is listed below:

  • Wear and Tear

Frequent use of this might gradually cause natural defects. Components thus begin to worn out letting the refrigerant to leak.

  • Improper installation

The incorrectly fixed parts of the appliance would let the liquid to break out.

  • Factory defects

When a defect is left without noticing in the manufacturing unit then it can cause a leak right after the installation of the appliance. 

  • Corrosion

Over time, the copper walls within the device can be corroded because of the expelled formic acid which may result in forming tiny holes and cracks. This can cause the refrigerant to leak. 

However, in most cases, these damages can be easily repaired. If this leakage is left unrepaired it can lead to a lot of problems including health issues and environmental hazards. This can also cause an increase in your electricity bills.

If you need a refrigerant leak repair shortly, reach out to the MEP Contractors in Dubai. Now let’s discuss the key signs indicating a refrigerant leak.

What Are The Warning Signs Of An AC Refrigerant Leak?

Refrigerant leaks can be toxic to your health and a threat to the environment. So it is important to understand the signs of a refrigerant leak to repair or replace the appliance. The most common signs indicating this leakage are given below:

Produces less amount of cold air

When there is a leak, the AC starts to produce limited cold air as it takes more time to reduce the temperature than usual. This leak might be the reason behind preventing the system from generating cold air.

Begin to blow warm air

When you lay your hands in front of the vent, you could sense an unusual warm air. This indicates a possible leak. But this might not be the case every time as it also happens when the filter is clogged with dust and dirt. 

Noticeable Hissing Sound

Refrigerant leaks are emerging from those tiny holes and breaks inside the coils. This can produce a hissing sound indicating a leak. This will be noticeable from both indoor and outdoor units. 

Coils Are Frozen

A drop in the amount of refrigerant can affect the capacity of coil to absorb heat. This can make them freeze. As moisture piles up, ice can be seen on the coil. 

An increase in the Electric bills

When the Air Conditioner is in a weak state, it will struggle more to cool down the surrounding air. This forces it to use more electricity. As a result, your electricity bills will cost more. 

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, contact our AC maintenance in Dubai immediately.

However, you should keep in mind that there are many other reasons for the lack of cool air blowing or your room isn’t  as cold as before. This can be even a sign indicating a clogged filter and many simple and similar factors like that. So, before coming to a conclusion, reach out to our facility maintenance contractors in Dubai. 

Need Help?

If you suspect that your air conditioner might be leaking, you can contact our Dewa Approved Contractors in Dubai. They are available 24/7 for emergency repair and assistance.

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