Dewa Approved Contractors

Dewa Approved Contractors


Nathan Star Technical Services LLC (NSTS) are the best contracts working closely with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) to get all the necessary DEWA approvals. Be it mechanical services, electrical support or any other engineering work in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE. Simply call or WhatsApp us on +971502420957 and directly speak our DEWA approved consultants to find prompt solutions.
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At NATHAN STAR, our MEP engineers thoroughly work under the level of DEWA requirements and professionally classify the needful. We take complete accountability of planning and designing the area of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems as per the guidelines drawn by the authorities. Moreover, we also develop internal policy standards of inspection and create evaluation tools for MEP matters involving judicial branch facilities such as DEWA and more.

As DEWA approved contractor we prepare and review drawing. We also offer cost estimates for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements. NSTS has gained a credible name in the market for being the best DEWA certified contractors. This is because we have maintained quality and service all through the years of functioning. We have also initiated top international practices and maintained measures that include reviewing and updating the standards on a routine basis.


DEWA APPROVED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS FOR INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE Nathan Star Technical Services LLC (NSTS) are DEWA approved electrical contractors offering electrical installation systems and DEWA contracting in Dubai. Our skilled technicians provide complete package from design to installation and maintenance. As DEWA certified contractors, we make sure all MEP tasks are carried out by only accredited and qualified electricians in Dubai. NATHAN STAR works with DEWA approved electrical contractors, designers and architects. Get commercial or residential electrical service Dubai with our professional DEWA approved electrical contractors. We do electrical installations and electrical maintenances to ensure you are equipped with the latest technology. As your electrical maintenance company in Dubai we take care of all your electrical requirements. From designing stage to electrical installations, from DEWA approvals to personalised consultations. We also have DEWA certified solar contractors so that you caNATHAN STAR is a DEWA approved electrical contracting company with years of experience in Dubai and the wider markets of the UAE. We have worked on various government, semi-government and private projects. Our DEWA approved engineers have also been a part of several futuristic electrical projects in the region. Thus, we understand the requirements of acquiring DEWA approvals and fulfil them duly.

We have worked for years on numerous DEWA projects and have a large network of DEWA approved vendor list. We have worked as DEWA approved electrical contractor, DEWA approved water contractor, DEWA certified solar contractors, DEWA approved substation contractor, DEWA approved civil contractor, DEWA approved cable laying contractor, etc. As a result, our entire team is well-accustomed to the procedures followed by DEWA. Moreover, our familiarity with the fit-out division allows us to get NOCs easily and instantly.

We have a DEWA approved vendor list to find perfect solutions for any type of contracting work. As veterans, we comprehend the process of DEWA and take complete responsibility for the entire application process.


At NATHAN STAR, we supervise the work of subordinate staff contact architects or engineers, and ensure that duties area conducted as per the DEWA standards. We as DEWA consultants and contractors prepare plans and provide bespoke consultation. We offer cost-effective estimates on plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and general piping systems.

Our MEP engineers, electricians, and technicians analyze mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering problems and formulate solutions. As a DEWA consultant and contractor, we guide you through the MEP requirements of your projects and help you with the installation and application process. Our DEWA approved contractors also support you to comply with the highest standards of quality and safety accredited by DEWA itself.

We at NATHAN STAR provide technical advice to staff designers, supervisors, inspectors, etc., and devise apt contracting services. As DEWA approved electrical contractors, we identify problems in design, plan, manage, and have delivered multiple well-known projects.


NATHAN STAR is a DEWA approved electrical contractor dedicated to providing the best services in the market. Our team of DEWA approved engineer as well as DEWA consultant and contractors accomplish all tasks in an efficient manner.

DEWA has standardized instructions on the implementation of technical systems in commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Any type of installation process requires a DEWA approved contractor to understand the possibility of installation and suggest the best solutions.

Choose NATHAN STAR, as our DEWA consultant and contractors guide you through all the MEP installations as recommended by DEWA. They also obtain the necessary DEWA approvals and undertake complete on-site and off-site work. After implementation, our DEWA approved engineers also deliver a report and notify the DEWA to conduct a technical site inspection.

Here are the top reasons you must choose NSTS for your DEWA approvals in Dubai:

  • We follow the standards recommended by DEWA only.
  • We have wide-ranging knowledge of the latest MEP systems.
  • We provide competent services to attain 100% customer fulfillment.
  • We ensure uncompromised quality and industry standards.
  • We are well-versed in the areas of supplying, networking, and installing.
  • We have immense experience in the industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors.


Do you need DEWA approvals for water meter? Are you searching for DEWA certified solar contractors?

Get in touch with Nathan Star Technical Services LLC (NSTS) for DEWA approvals for your projects. Our DEWA certified contractors offer quality, sustainability and energy-efficient approach that enables to get NOCs from DEWA and DEWA approvals easily.

NATHAN STAR is a DEWA approved MEP contracting company in Dubai experienced in MEP projects, DEWA approvals, construction projects, tenant fit-outs, annual maintenance, etc. For more information get in touch with our DEWA approved consultants today!

Chat with our live representatives, send us an enquiry, WhatsApp on +971502420957 to request a call back or just call us on +97148240002.