Facility Maintenance & Management

Facility Maintenance & Management

At Voltronix Contracting LLC our approach is based on designing facilities management service that serves you the best of what you need. Be it a commercial venue or a residential place – with VOLTRONIX  facility maintenance contractors you are sorted! Compared to other facilities management companies, VOLTRONIX offers tailored facility maintenance services. As we focus solely on your requirements and emphasize every small detail to create an overall maintenance service for your location.

With a group of dynamic and highly experienced facility maintenance contractors, technicians, mechanics, and workers Voltronix Contracting LLC has achieved a renowned and long track record in facility maintenance services in Dubai. Because of which we have established ourselves as one of the leading facilities management companies across UAE through our commitment to commercial and property maintenance needs.

Moreover at VOLTRONIX, we ensure to adhere to the standards maintained in the UAE. To offer the right solution as a maintenance company. We also strive to provide the same high level of domestic and commercial building and property maintenance services to all our clients. VOLTRONIX Maintenance Services provide wide-ranging mechanical and building maintenance services in UAE. Our team is readily available to carry out high-quality facility maintenance and facilities management services for residential, commercial, industrial, and domestic clients.


  • One time maintenance service
  • Emergency maintenance service on call
  • Prevention Maintenance Service
  • Property and building maintenance;
  • Road and public property maintenance,
  • Electrical and mechanical services,
  • Air heating and air-con ventilation
  • Air conditioning services in UAE
  • Annual maintenance Contracts


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Frequently Asked Questions

Belts and filters are supposed to be examined, cleaned, or replaced as required. In drastic circumstances or heavy-duty apparatuses, it might be important to inspect more frequently. To maximize the lifespan of your appliance and maintain sufficient safety degrees, it is recommended there must be no longer than 6 months gap between maintenance visits.
It relies on the kind of service you choose. If the devices are in a similar category, you’ll be charged full price for the first appliance, then a discount will be applied toward the rest of the other appliances. If the equipment is not in the same category, you’ll be charged full price for each.
Apart from the placement of the new device, we will examine various items and make a decision of whether or not these gadgets require to be replenished or replaced. Some of the elements include thermostat, filter, drain pans, ductwork, insulation, evaporator coil, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, condensate piping, slabs, driers, registers, and grills.
Our annual maintenance agreement lands with plenty of services for your unit, comprising low possibility of breakdown, limited costly repairs, better power efficiency, and extended lifespan. Also, you won’t be charged for each service and it saves your money.
You should change your thermostat batteries at least once in every year, or more if you see any issues with unstable undertaking. Low batteries can make your furnace or air AC to operate inconsistently.
Heating and cooling devices need to have a slated check-up to ensure everything is performing suitably. We propose an annual inspection and service call by our heating and cooling company. Our technicians will inspect your system, lubricate elements, and repair or replace any malfunctioning factors.
Generally, limited warranty coverage delivers replacement parts when a fault occur on an output and all of the warranty terms are fulfilled. An extended service plan is bought in addition to the unit. Based on the scheme chosen by the client, labor fees correlated with renovating a standard part can be wrapped by the plan.
Room temperature sensors are essential for the system to automatically monitor cooking appliances and activate them in keeping with the international mechanical code. When using Demand Control Ventilation, the room temperature sensors allow the system to adjust fan speeds based on temperature deviations.
Heating and cooling systems operate very hard to conduct their tasks for your buildings. The continuous stopping, starting, and chronic operation can wear down a device shortly and abruptly if adequate supervision and maintenance are impeded. However, by conducting preventive maintenance, or servicing your system perennial, you can boost the life of your heating or cooling unit and shield against several sudden downfalls.
Totally! If your gutters are flooding, your siding is peeling off, your roof is dripping, give us a call as soon as possible. We’ll send our competent technician to validate the circumstance and get a quick fix in spot. If required, we can also help you schedule for more thorough and durable repairs.