How to prevent AC damages?

A cool and comfortable home during summer is a dream unless it gets disturbed due to ignorance of AC care. It is not very difficult to maintain the quality of AC. Many ways direct to the breakdown of the system but not all of the investments are expensive like replacing a clogged filter. Some are handled by us by taking enough precautions and while some are less costly replacements and maintenance. But lagging on the update will only make you broke by spending more money. So we have to prevent ac damages from all obstacles.

Tips to prevent AC damages 

Clean your outdoor unit

The outdoor area outside your valuable Air Conditioner should be cleaned and checked once in a while. We must leave an adequate amount of free room for it. We advise you to cut or trim off any trees, shrubs, or any other kind of obstacles that would prevent the efficient working of AC. 

Make sure to make free space up to a few feet outside the unit. Otherwise, the leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris get collected which in turn affects its smooth airflow and efficiency.

The clogged air conditioner cannot work properly. A similar problem persists in dirty air filters and clogged ones, both won’t produce an adequate cooling effect. Debris also will get collected on air-conditioner coils which creates an insulating impact. This will prevent the removal of heat from the home to outdoor units.

During autumn, maintain a close eye on them because there is a high chance of getting leaves stuck on them. We also recommend you get a quick inspection of the outdoor unit after a powerful storm. Be careful of the ice on the outdoor unit after the snow melts because it can also create a huge mess. You can contact us for AC maintenance Dubai.

Operate Thermostat properly 

You all probably know by now the benefits of a Programmable Thermostat. Drop down the difficulties of using traditional control systems by installing a Smart Thermostat. If you have not done that then you have no idea about how much you are missing to save energy and money.

Do not always set your setting too low because it decreases the lifespan of your AC with overuse.

If you travel frequently or fall asleep fast or are away from home. We advise you to set the settings to a higher temperature.

 If you are new to them, Please keep these points in mind for efficient working conditions. Nowadays it’s getting more and more convenient. You can control the settings from your smartphone or tablet even if you are away.

Remove AC cover

In Dubai, when people are moving towards the season of extremely hot weather. They find comfort and pleasure from the cooling effects of AC. But one main mistake that people constantly make is to not remove the AC cover before entering the season.

This is a simple and fast step but people seem to ignore it. The unit gets overheated if it’s not done and leads to a situation where we spend more money than expected. In some cases, you can repair it but on the other hand, the entire thing is asked to replace. 

Check filter regularly

 If you want to prevent AC damage then don’t be lazy to keep an eye on the AC filter monthly. Regular checkups keep us up with good air quality and energy efficiency. People detect airflow problems from freezing coils due to clogged air filters. So we urge you to replace the air filters.

Or else the clogged ones will overwork to cool down your home. It ages faster and hence only makes way towards constant repairs and breakdowns.

It’s not a very complicated process, you can do it for yourself. Firstly, Inspect if there is any dirt or dust accumulated in the filter. If the amount is large then replace it.

When buying a new one, buy the right one that fits the size of your AC. After installing it you can feel the difference through the efficiency, which prevents excessive wear and tear.

Avoid blocking off vents

Our AC is built in a way to handle a specific pressure load for the home. All the vents should be open and free to maintain the preferred load. So don’t rush into close or block the vents. It is an absurd misconception spread among people, they think it saves energy but it creates further efficiency problems.

Regular maintenance 

In conclusion, a major and unavoidable step to prevent expensive damage is to maintain regular maintenance. There are things that you can handle alone but to tune up and check underlying problems we need the help of expert electricians. They can easily detect and repair major and minor problems within a short time. This will save you time, cash, and energy. Call in Nathan groups for electrician Dubai. We excitedly offer our services of inspection and maintenance of your AC.

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