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Whether you are looking for an AC repair company in Dubai or need to have a proper AC maintenance system within your property – Voltronix Contracting LLC is the way to go! Voltronix Contracting LLC is a leading air conditioning company in Dubai with years of continual service in air conditioning maintenance; AC installation and other air conditioning services in Dubai as well as other Emirates. Our engineers operate throughout UAE and neighboring countries.

To get their support in terms of AC repairing in Dubai or AMC on AC maintenance Call us 050 2420957.

Office AC maintenance in Dubai can be a difficult task. Also, AC maintenance for large properties in UAE needs full-time support. Hence, appointing a professional to repair AC in Dubai or to maintain it is ideal – and who better than VOLTRONIX!

VOLTRONIX has been a renowned name in AC Installation, AC repair & as and AC maintenance companies in Dubai, UAE. We have authorized service providers for residential buildings and villas including commercial apartments and properties such as warehouses, factories, industries, etc. We specialize in sales, design, supply, installation, annual maintenance contracts AMC, and servicing of all types and makes of AC systems, providing comfort to the many corporate, offices, and homes in Dubai.

As part of the VOLTRONIX air conditioning service in Dubai, we understand and provide a comprehensive solution to properties. VOLTRONIX plans in money-saving preventatives as well as offers the best AC repair and air conditioning maintenance costs. Voltronix Contracting LLC also has a great base of clients from construction companies; engineering companies; pharmaceuticals, hospitality companies, hotels, and restaurants; IT-software establishments, entertainment centers; offices as well as residential structures and homes. The equipment range dealt with by us includes the window, split, cassette, ducted split, inverter, VRV, VRF, and central HVAC systems. We use environment-friendly refrigerants.

VOLTRONIX specializes in AC installations, AC repairs in Dubai, AC maintenance as well as other fitted air conditioning systems. With unbeatable prices and the highest quality service, we have been able to establish a great client. To experience it yourself call us for air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repair, and added air conditioning service in Dubai. VOLTRONIX also provides portable air conditioning units. We safeguard you’re your system through regular AC maintenance in Dubai. We service all the parts under AC maintenance in Dubai such as filters, coils, fins, drains, etc. At VOLTRONIX we understand that maintenance of your AC units is very important for effective operation. Thus, enabling you to have the temperature you desire in the heat of UAE! For assistance call our AC technicians on 050 2420957 today!!



AC repair & AC maintenance for commercial properties

For commercial properties, AC maintenance needs to be reliable and efficient. VOLTRONIX offers the best commercial air conditioning services in Dubai as well as in other GCC countries. Our AC maintenance services in Dubai allow your business to uphold an excellent environment. VOLTRONIX AMC for air conditioning also works towards reducing your energy costs & creating lesser financial headaches. You may own multiple properties, hotels, or simple offices – VOLTRONIX ensures to keep it up with an ideal temperature. Through our commercial AC repair & AC maintenance services in Dubai, we provide a productive & comfortable working environment. We also offer prompt and on the call AC repair service in Dubai for commercial properties. The unpredictable season in the UAE can strain your AC. Thus, we have a Dubai AC technician on the call. VOLTRONIX has experience in every sector, that helps us deliver expert commercial air conditioning systems for any environment. For AC repair in Dubai or AMC on AC maintenance Call us 050 2420957.

AC repair & AC maintenance for residential properties

They say, “your home is where your heart is”, at VOLTRONIX we make sure that your heart is at home! With our AC repair and AC maintenance services in UAE, we create a perfect livable space. VOLTRONIX AC maintenance services in Dubai offer you a suitable environment as per your preference. Let your family, friends, and guest enjoy being at your home with our AC maintenance services in Dubai, UAE. VOLTRONIX also offers AC maintenance in Dubai with residential packages. Speak to a technician to understand what will suit your residential the best Call us 050 2420957. For further enquiries on AC repairing in Dubai or AMC service in Dubai on AC maintenance send us an enquiry right away!



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To get VOLTRONIX support in terms of AC repairing in Dubai or AMC on AC maintenance CALL US ON 050 2420957

Frequently Asked Questions

Freezing up is a common issue across all kinds of air conditioners. The reason why your AC system freezes up might be because of low refrigerant, dirty filter, closed-off supply vents/registers, or a dirty evaporator coil. It’s vital to deal with this issue immediately, or else, you will risk permanently wrecking your AC system, which can cost you a lot. Contact us for getting immediate AC Repair Dubai.
Servicing your AC every year can help you prevent any dilemmas or major repairs. A malfunctioning system in exceedingly hot climates can be uneasy and risky. An annual servicing by a professional & licensed HVAC expert like us will confirm your system is tidy & is running both efficiently & safely. Reach us for our professional AC Services Dubai.
Home HVAC problems can be sometimes inevitable. For that reason, we’re here for you 24/7 and will work with you if your equipment requires replacement or service. If you are undergoing an emergency and you find yourself without cooling or heating, we will assign a technician on the exact day you request our service
It depends. A portable air conditioner is beneficial in cooling its closest area. Still, the cold air will not run down the corridor or through narrow points. If a room has very huge entrances from one room to another, then neighboring areas might experience a minor cooling effect. For more questions or queries, contact our AC Maintenance Dubai.
A reverse cycle air conditioning system can both heat and cool your building. They are a very worthwhile and inexpensive way of heating and cooling while compared to other systems. It can also screen and dehumidify the air, making your surroundings more pure, pleasant, and healthy. If you are looking for reverse cycle air conditioning systems, we sell top-notch brands and our experts in AC Installation Dubai are ready to install your unit.
Ductless splits are a useful choice for a lot of people, particularly for those who don’t have ducts in place in their household or building. It encompasses one outdoor and indoor unit, bound by electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. This unit can be also used with space or zone cooling and heating equipment, radiant floor heat, and heat pumps. Shop with us for branded AC systems and for getting professional AC Installation and Maintenance Dubai.
Inspect the seal around the unit to ensure that no external warm air is leaking in. If the air coming from the unit is warm, there is a problem with the compressor or the level of refrigerant. The presence of a bad odor is another sign which indicates, it's time to replace your window air conditioner. Otherwise, this might lead to health problems and even a fire hazard.
Low airflow, AC blowing warm air, high electric bills, and ice build-up on the evaporator coil or copper lines are the major signs that indicate a freon leak. If you are suspecting a leak, contact the nearest ac technicians right away. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to us for any related questions. We provide one of the best proficient AC services in Dubai.
Air conditioner ratings are imposed to define the general energy efficiency of a unit and can help you find the model that's favorable for your building. The monthly operating rates of the new AC you choose will be directly connected to its energy efficiency. It is a useful means to understand what you're paying for before you purchase.
Install a smart thermostat, seal your windows, replace your HVAC air filter, conduct an energy audit to deduce your usage needs and also clean up and tune your system regularly to reduce your energy costs.