What are the Consequences and Reasons for High Water Pressure in a Plumbing System?

Typically, the dilemma with a water pump is always edged out towards low water pressure. Even though it turns out to be a difficult hurdle, high water pressure can cause a lot more trouble than we expect. And to make it extra worse, this often goes unnoticed. So it can lead to wastage of water and cost you thousands of dollars for repairs. However, there are a few aspects you can do to identify and deal with the reasons for high water pressure. First, let’s examine why this high water pressure thing is such a vast matter to deal with.

Why Should You Be Concerned about High Water Pressure?

The ideal water pressure is supposed to be something between 40 and 60 pounds per square inch. Something above 60 PSI is considered as High Water Pressure. This reduces the life cycle of your equipment and ravages your plumbing appliances. Likewise, this will lead to leakage and result in the bursting of the pipes. Also, this can cause excessive water wastage, which is dire for the environment. Similarly, this can cost you thousands. 

A regular home plumbing system is not fitted out to deal with the pressure that is over 80 psi. 

If you find yourself in such a situation in Dubai, what should you do? The reasonable thing you can do is to reach a professional plumber for plumbing service in Dubai. They will help you analyze your water pressure situation and provide the proper antidote for the crisis. But, how do we know that we have high water pressure? Let’s go through the list of common signs of high water pressure in your house.

What are the symptoms of High Water Pressure?

Handling the problem before it turns into something horrible is the right way to safeguard your home and money. Now let’s look into some of the most common signs that indicate your water pressure is perhaps too high. If you notice any of these signs mentioned below, urgently contact a licensed plumber to investigate the matter.

1. Banging Sounds and similar Loud Noises

When the water pressure is high, this is the earliest warning sign that you will be experiencing. This eerie banging noise coming out of the pipes is known as a “water hammer.” This occurs when a fast, strong flow of water abruptly ceases. When you turn off a faucet, all that water of high pressure causes plumbing pipes to bang into one another or the surrounding framing. Also, this can cause loosening up of plumbing connections or can even break your lines. This effect is dangerous to PEX and several plastic piping.

2. Leaking Appliances and Hoses

Water pressure above 80 psi can cause damage to the water fixtures. Your household plumbing appliances can’t resist this excessive water pressure. When heavy water flows thrusts through the fittings, it can result in the bursting of pipes and hoses. The most common signs of this are squirting or leaking fixtures and hoses. Another sign you might notice is gushing or flaring when you turn a tap on. There will be extra water spraying out in a slope that is distant from the usual steady flow. In some cases, you won’t even be able to catch sight of these leakages until your walls or ceiling turn wrecked.

3. Failing Appliances 

Have you noticed instances where your new and old appliances that operate with water support are shortly damaged? This premature appliance failure is the following warning sign of high water pressure. The loss could be due to the excessive water force, as the equipment’s interior parts can’t resist high water pressure. Also, your appliance’s warranty may be voided if these are wrecked by high water pressure. Look for signs like leakage and loud noises from these appliances, as this could imply that their mechanical parts are enduring severe wear and tear. Contact a company which provides plumbing service in Dubai as soon as possible.

4. High Water Bills

If you see a sudden rise in the amount you’re paying for your water bills, once again, high water pressure is a possible culprit. This results in an excess amount of water spilling out each time when you turn on a tap. Even with a surge of just 10 PSI blows, your water usage to 36 gallons of water per 10 minutes. Thus, this wasted water can cost you a lot of money.

Now you know the significant warning signs indicating high water pressure in a pumping system. It’s time to learn what the reasons are for inflicting this.

What are the factors that cause high water pressure?

As our society grew with new infrastructure, more people gained access to the piping networks. Therefore, it is specific for the pressure to decline with so many various fora. The traditional antidote to this problem is to increase the pressure at the core that supplies the whole plumbing system. This can cause unequal water pressure in each residence, depending on how far this is situated.  

Another reason might be due to the pressure made by the mechanical backflow precluding device that stops water inside your pipes from flowing back into the city water system. These internal spikes of pressure stay trapped within your lines. Gradually, this can result in high water pressures and damage. 

Again, high water pressure could be a defect in the water pressure regulator and comes into use to reduce the water pressure from the public water main. Sometimes, these installations act as a preventative method instead of continuously lowering pressure to an average level.

If you live near a fire hydrant or an area with lots of tall buildings, the corporation needs to pump the water at a higher pressure level to reach all the consumers. So, the provincial water corporation will keep the pressure high in your region to meet the necessities of tall buildings or fire hydrants.


It’s always beneficial to install a pressure regulator on your main water line. The regulator will help in slowing down the water flow and keep the pressure at the right point. Through this, you can avoid losing your money by paying high water bills. Doing this could also save your appliances. Contact us, Nathan Star Technical Services for any type of Technical Services in Dubai. We provide Professional MEP services in Dubai.

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