Installation of AC Do’s and Don’ts

A comfortable living style is what a human being aspires for and so deciding on the right installation of AC is part of it. It requires the utmost care and knowledge to run them appropriately. The longer the efficiency, the more money you save. No one can imagine a life in Dubai without AC. So, perform regular AC maintenance Dubai to make the most out of your electric equipment. Let’s list out the Dos and Don’ts for a better understanding of AC installation.

 The right way to install an AC -Do’s

 Do Install your system professionally

 There are several brands for AC, select the best which matches your setting. It won’t work effectively if it is incorrectly charged or carelessly installed. So, hand the job to someone who knows what they are doing.

Contact  Nathan Star Technical Services for  AC maintenance Dubai to access an experienced technician to install your AC.

Do Inspect air filter often

We recommend you to check after the air filter and its cleanliness. Survey your AC monthly to check any dirty clogs and replace them if found problematic. The clogged AC reduces air quality and cooling capacity. Your equipment can easily break down due to uncleanliness. You vaegttraeningsprogram don’t know how to change a filter? Contact a skilled technician to do it for you. We suggest you fix the Trane Clean Effects air filter system for those who are suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases.

 Always Do establish a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats are special kinds of thermostats that are capable of adjusting the temperature according to the programmed setting. It is also widely known as setback thermostats or clock thermostats. It is a smart device that saves us a considerable amount of money. Avoids the usage of unwanted electricity by raising the temperature to a few degrees while the user is away. The attractive advantage is that the user does not have to sacrifice his/her comfort. The thermostat can bring back the temperature to normal on or before the person’s arrival.

Please, don’t mess the system by changing the time setting constantly, set it for optimal cooling efficiency. Check the general guidelines and manufactures instructions. Regularly double-check the working condition because it is the master brain of the HVAC system. We always advise you to install a Programmable Thermostat to be cost-effective.

Do AC maintenance

Your AC needs maintenance to survive in the long run. Schedule a maintenance checkup in two years for improved performance. This is an important point that often people dismiss due to forgetfulness. We can save your energy, maintain cooling capacity, avoid constant damage with our service of AC maintenance Dubai.

 Wrong ways to installion AC -Don’ts

Don’t ignore unusual behaviours of AC

Never brush off the fact that your AC is making weird noises. It is a warning sign that something is off with it. Call a professional to solve your problem. Can’t find any trustable services in Dubai? Stop worrying if this happens, you can opt for our service of AC repair Dubai.

 Don’t let dirt accumulate near the outdoor component

Remove all of the obstacles around the outdoor unit for efficiency. It is great trouble if the surrounding area is not free from hurdles. For instance, there might be a tall tree around the outdoor component, in such case trim off the tree so that air pushes out through the outdoor unit easily. Also, remember to clean out the collected debris.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Most of the technicians regret not giving enough attention to ventilation. We suggest customers get the right ventilation to improve comfort and air quality. The air gets trapped inside a room and fresh air cannot go outside if it is not done right. It can cause the room to get stuffy and stagnant. Toxins get stuck inside the room due to poor systems and it creates a health risk for people suffering from respiratory diseases etc.

Don’t do it yourself

Let’s all agree for a second that we all are not professionals. Experts technicians know a lot of things that we don’t know. Sure, smart people can learn them easily. Our question is who has time for scrolling through youtube videos to repair an AC? You can completely rely on us for AC repair Dubai and AC maintenance Dubai. There is some problem you can solve and there is some problem that we can solve. We cover all the issues you have missed over your self-maintenance and save your money and energy.

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