How to choose the right fire extinguisher?

Even though fire extinguishers might all appear similar, they aren’t actually equal. This means that there are entirely different fire extinguishers developed to put out distinct kinds of fires. Buying the right fire extinguisher for your requirements is important to safeguard people and properties, and will make you prepare if a fire bursts out. It’s necessary to help the populace learn that with adequate practice and tuition, fire extinguishers can protect lives and equity. Many grown-ups might not understand in whatever situations or how to even use a fire extinguisher.

We suggest reaching the nearby fire department if you would like to seek fire extinguisher activity or have any issues.


How Fire Extinguishers Work?

Fire is a ferocious chemical outcome that leverages light, heat, blazes and fumes.  A fire requires three things to burn: oxygen, a fuel source and heat. The purpose of Fire extinguishers are to oust one of these components. This involves chilling the fuel source, halting the chemical reaction entirely or insulating the oxygen from the fuel.

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Different Classes of Fires

A class fires: it entails the burning of wood, plastic, paper, cloth and other common materials.

B class fires: this occurs when flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, paint, grease and solvents ignite.

C class fires: it happens when overloaded circuits, faulty wiring or when a malfunctioning electrical equipment starts a fire.

D class fires: they encompass flammable metals, such as sodium, magnesium or potassium. These flames are curbed to laboratories with these hazardous materials on hand.

K class fires: it occurs when cooking fuel like hot grease or oil ignites a fire.

The rates of all extinguishers differ widely according to the supplier, so you have to shop throughout. The forthcoming expense of servicing will also require to be brought into consideration. Some companies charge for installation and delegating, but they should also have a 5-year warranty and ascending brackets.

Now let’s take a look at the top considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a fire extinguisher for your requirements.


The Hazards you Encounter

The kinds of cases you can encounter in your house or office are significant to consider while choosing a fire extinguisher. Whether that be the likelihood of a combustible metal or a flammable liquid type dilemma it is vital to take these aspects into consideration.

The division of a fire extinguisher depends on the kind of fire they are able to extinguish. Categories are detailed in various forms relying on the age of the fire extinguisher. Most Fire Extinguishers bought though are for multi-purpose. Which means that they are adequate for anything varying from a class A to C fire.


UL Rating

If you are unaware of what a UL Rating means, it’s named on all fire extinguishers and is of maximum primacy. UL or Underwriters Laboratory is the area which verifies all fire extinguishers for safety and protection. The ratings allow you to distinguish the cogency between different fire extinguishers.


Size of the Room

The fire extinguisher you purchase requires to be big enough to extinguish the fire but also not too massive. Also, you must consider the size of the space the fire extinguisher is going to be placed in and how far a fire can dissipate.


Other Things to Consider

Another important thing to notice is that no matter which extinguisher you prefer, you must ensure that you understand the way to use it. Hence being tutored or practicing is very vital. Nathan Star is your one-stop door for all your queries and solutions. We can answer any concerns you may have and assist you to disclose the right fighting fire extinguisher for your requirements.



No matter what category of fire extinguisher you purchase, the most significant aspect in the extinguisher’s cogency is understanding the right way to use it. Be sure to practice yourself or your workers on the ways to suitably extinguish a fire using a fire extinguisher.  Nathan Star Technical Services LLC (NSTS) offers fire safety engineering and deterrence systems such as fire extinguisher, firefighting appliances and other Technical Services in Dubai. Our skilled technicians give a detailed package from planning to installation and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our Professional MEP services in Dubai.

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